you shouldn’t be embarrassed about sex toy 

Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about owning a sex toy

There’s nothing shameful about seeking satisfaction via sensual alleviation. Though the sex toy sphere is sorely misrepresented as a raunchy domain, finding pleasure in adult toys is as healthy as the authentic and pure sexual practice that these devices strive to emulate. Unfortunately, many allow their mortification to deter them from purchasing adult toys. In fact, the thought of setting foot in a sex shop makes some recoil in fear. Fortunately, “pleasure specialists” dedicate their expertise to destigmatizing the harsh and undeserved criticism that adult toy enthusiasts receive. Here are some pearls of wisdom that aficionados of sex toys have for those who are somewhat timid about exploring the vast realm of sexual devices.

  • They allow you to feel more in tune with your body and preferences
  • They’re a stress reliever
  • Adult toys ginger up relationships that may be lacking in the intimacy department
  • They act as a substitute during dry spells
  • Toys can boost your libido
  • They hold the potential to improve your sexual performance

Do your research
Approaching the adult toys aisle in a sex shop can be all but daunting if you’re going in ill-informed. Not only is it necessary to familiarize yourself with the many adult toy options available, but it’s also imperative to weigh your stimulation preferences. Here some questions to noodle over so as not to be overwhelmed by the wide variety of Sex Toys By Joujou that await you.

  • Will you be using this toy with a partner?
  • Would you like a toy with multiple settings?
  • Do you prefer silicone to glass? Latex to jelly?
  • What size range are you thinking?
  • Do you want one that has a long shelf life?
  • Would you like one that vibrates?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Would you like to target a specific erogenous zone?

Proper maintenance and cleaning procedures
Now that you’re well on your way to enjoying the many splendors of adult toys, it’s crucial that you know how to maintain one adequately. Abide by these guidelines if you wish to have a healthy, sanitary, and overall enjoyable sex toy experience. You can find more about Sex Toys at

  • Scrub the toy with unscented soap before and after every use
  • If you’re using a porous adult toy, consider putting a condom over it
  • Store your device in a cloth-like or silk pouch
  • Avoid housing your toy in a bacteria-ridden drawer
  • Use a lint-free towel on sex toys with a tacky exterior

Making Your Sex Toys Last Forever

Tips For Making Your Sex Toys Last Forever

The gifts that keep on giving are getting cut short by some simple neglect. If you have sex toys, it’s imperative that you have regular health practices to ensure they stay in excellent conditions for many years to come. Here are some necessary practices that you should add to your to-do list.

The biggest tip for making your sex toys last is to clean them after use. It can be very easy to let this go as you bask in the afterglow of an intimate pleasure. However, you do need to make it a priority to clean your sex toys after each use. Whether you do it by hand, the dishwasher, or with an antibacterial spray, just make sure they get cleaned before you use them again. Make sure it’s a thorough cleaning as well. Many toys bolster various nooks and crannies that are great for inducing pleasure, but often neglected during cleaning. Make sure you get into all those folds to ensure your toys stay bacteria free. You can buy sex toys online at

When it comes to using lubricant, it always makes playing with toys even more enticing. However, if you’ve noticed that your sex toys are tending to wear out faster than usual, it could be due to the type of lubricant you’re using. The exact type of lubricant that you need to use will highly depend on the material of the toy that you’ve purchased. For example, silicone toys should be used with a water-based lubricant. A quick search online will be able to reveal the ideal lubricant for your own sex toys.

Once your adult toys are done being cleaned, you should store them separately in a dark container. While it may be easy to throw them all in your dresser drawer, this isn’t the best option. You should make sure your toys are thoroughly cleaned and dried before putting them in a storage container. Containers like a pull-string bag or their original boxing are great to keep the toys separate from one another. You don’t want potential bacteria from outside factors touching your toys.

The last tip we have for you is to ensure that you cover up your sex toys with condoms when you plan on passing them around. While the use of a condom is not necessary for a toy that you plan on using yourself, it becomes necessary when you’re talking multiple people using the same toy during one session. The different bacteria that is carried with various people could lead to faster deterioration of your toy material.

Joujou Sex Toys can be a fun and pleasurable time for all men and women. However, these toys can be expensive, which is why making them last should be a high priority for you. By following the tips that we outlined for you above, you’ll be sure to keep your toys running well into the future.

Reasons to Buy Sex Toys Online

Top Reasons to Buy Adult Toys Online

If you are looking to spice up your sex life and have a little bit of fun with your partner — or just by yourself — then you could be thinking about investing in a few adult toys. If you’re like many people, though, you might be unsure of where to go when purchasing these toys. Of course, you might have local shops that sell them, but you could find that shopping for them online is the better choice. These are a few reasons why online shopping is ideal when you are shopping for sex toys.

It’s More Discreet

For one thing, many people like buying their adult toys online because it is a more discreet shopping option. Of course, there is nothing wrong with buying Sex Toys Joujou, and there is no reason why you should feel ashamed. If you are worrying about running into a co-worker, family member or someone else who you know when you’re shopping, though, it might take a lot of the fun out of the experience. Instead, consider shopping online, when it’s much more discreet. The good news is that many online retailers that sell adult items like these specialize in using discreet billing and shipping methods, so you don’t have to worry about anyone knowing about what you are purchasing.

You Can Enjoy a Larger Selection

Another good thing about buying adult toys online is the fact that it can allow you to choose from a much larger selection. If your hometown is like many, there might not really be a lot of adult stores out there that sell these toys. Those that do might have a limited selection. This can make it hard for you to look for all of the toys that you want.

If you’re shopping online, however, your options for sex toys are practically limitless. If you have a certain type of toy in mind that you can’t seem to find locally, then you should not have a problem finding it online. If you don’t really know what you are looking for and would just like to explore your options, then shopping for sex toys online can help with that, too.

Save Money

Sex toys can be expensive, but they do not have to be. If you have found that local stores have high prices on these items, consider comparing the pricing that is available online. You might just find that it’s a lot more affordable than what you would have to pay if you purchased them from a local retailer. Go for Sex Toys online

As you can see, if you are shopping for sex toys, it’s a good idea to shop for them online. Once you do, you might find that online shopping is your new favorite way to buy items to spice up your love life.

Movie Night Hens Night Melbourne

Make It a Movie Night With Your Hens Night Melbourne

Few things say party and good time like a movie. Movies keep people involved in a story. What better way to have a hens night Melbourne than to have a movie night with others? A romantic movie is just the thing to have a great night and enjoy the bride and her many friends. A movie night can be part of a larger hens night Melbourne  with all sorts of movie night activities planned. Many things are possible for during the hens night Melbourne when creating a movie theme. Think about the entire evening. A movie night might start with a meal at a restaurant as part of the hens night Melbourne where movie memorabilia is housed. Many kinds of movie themes are possible. For example, the people might choose to see a foreign film. They can start their meal at a restaurant that specializes in a type of foreign cuisine such as Italian or French.

Planning It All Out

It’s a good idea to think of all aspects of the hens night Melbourne that the party planner has in mind. They can start with a meal, then see the movie in a special theater, then head somewhere else for cocktails late at night before finally rushing home and preparing for the upcoming wedding. A movie night can be fun, playful and utterly romantic. Movies show off many parts of the human spirit. They showcase the kind of great emotions that many brides feel as they think about the kind of wedding they’re going to have and the love behind their day. In doing so, they allow every member of the wedding party and all members of the hens night Melbourne party to think about their own personal loves. Movies are an experience that everyone will love and remember for many years to come.

Picking Specifics

A good hens night Melbourne should have a movie that will appeal to as many people as possible at the same time. Think about the kind of movies that have lots of happy endings and show couples in love and getting married. Movies about great loves such as Casablanca are also movies that will tug at the emotions and make people feel something as they watch them. This way, everyone can watch the movie and think about the upcoming wedding and how it symbolizes love. Create a special party favor for use during the party as it goes on. For example, a souvenir program with the bride’s names and the date of the party is an excellent keepsake that every member of the bridal party and all those who are attending the hen party can keep with them after the end of the day.

Reasons For Guys To Purchase Sex Toys

Reasons Why Every Guy Should Consider Purchasing Sex Toys

When it comes to the discussion of sex toys, many people immediately think of toys for her instead of him. The reality is that while many of the toys are geared towards women, there are a ton out there which are geared towards increasing sexual satisfaction for men. So, for a change, we’re going to be telling you gents why you should really invest in some sex toys.

The first reason that every guy needs to have some adult toys is to be more open about his sexual pleasures. A guy who is confident in making his pleasure a necessity is going to know exactly what he likes in bed when with his partner. This type of self-discovery can make a huge difference in your partner’s ability to please you during sexual intercourse. By using your own Sex Toys At Joujou, you’ll know just what gets you to climb to new heights of satisfaction.

It pays to keep your partner just as sexually satisfied as you. While there are many things that you would love to do to your partner to bring her to new heights, it’s not always feasible as you only have so many hands. By introducing some sex toys, you can have them be your other hands when it comes to taking her to that new sexual climax. Don’t think of sex toys as making up for what you lack, rather, as a tool to get better results with.

It’s no surprise to many men that clitoral stimulation is a necessity for many women to reach their climaxes during penetration. By having your very own toys that work to stimulate her clitoris during sexual intercourse, you can make sure she reaches her climax every time. And, it’s no surprise that when she reaches her high, so do you. Taking a little time to think about what your partner needs for satisfaction can pay back in many dividends of sexual pleasure for you.

While changing up sexual positions can give your sexual intercourse a new spark, so can sex toys. In fact, the toys tend to make things a little easier on the body than trying to manoeuvre in a new way that pulls your muscles. There are many out there to choose from and you may just find it a new adventure to try all of them out. Think of these toys as a way to even further enhance your sexual pleasure. Like Sex Toys from

When it comes to talking about sex toys, guys are not usually the first person who you may think of buying them. In fact, most guys will shy away from the idea of purchasing these items. If you are one of those guys, we encourage you to highly reconsider for all of the reasons that we discussed above.

Hens Night Melbourne Painting Class

Have a Hens Night Melbourne At A Painting Class

As her wedding approaches, any bride may feel a sense of happiness but also feel scared. Getting married means making lots of changes including where she lives as well as having new relatives. A friend often wants to help her completely relax as she heads down down the aisle. One of the best ways to do that is with the help of a Hens Packages Melbourne hens night Melbourne . A hens night Melbourne means the chance to get to know others in the party and learn what they like to do. When people can interact in a relaxed setting before the wedding at hens night Melbourne, they can enjoy the wedding day even more. It’s a good idea to look for activities that each person in the party can enjoy at the same time. One great activity that many people love to do as part of their hens night Melbourne is taking a painting class.

Painting is a Lot of Fun

Art is something that people all over the world love doing. Artistic expression lets people show others the way they see the world. A hens night Melbourne at a local place that teaches how to paint is a great way for people to enjoy expressing what they are thinking about and how they see things. Each person will have a different view of the world. When people take a painting class, they can spend time interacting with others in the same venue in a low key environment that lets everyone appreciate each other’s company and learn what kind of colors they like to use. A painting party as part of hens night Melbourne can also be a great way to create something that they can take home after the party is done. Each participant in the party will have a souvenir of the
hens night Melbourne they can keep at home as a reminder of the fun day they had with friends.

Time For Everyone

A party of this kind makes time for everyone to have fun at the same time doing the same thing. No need to spend a lot of time in varied activities during the entire evening. Instead, everyone who is attending the party will have their own place to sit and relax as the evening continues. Many such venues also provide a place for each person to have their own equipment including the brushes they will need as well as a prepared canvas that is just right for the picture that they are going to put together. This kind of party is wonderful for everyone who wants to celebrate the bride in the very days that are leading to her wedding. Everyone can enjoy this time in life.

Sex Toys Makes Sexual Experiences More Enjoyable

Sex Toys Can Make Sexual Experiences More Enjoyable

Enhancing physical pleasure with sex toys during foreplay and intercourse can make sexual experiences more enjoyable. This is precisely why more people are turning to adult toys to bring new, fresh excitement into their relationships and sex lives.

According to Psychology Today, the popularity of sex toys has increased over the past decade. No longer are adult toys a taboo topic. Today, they are widely used by couples looking to have more orgasms and/or better orgasms. They provide an easy way to enhance sexual experiences and spice up life in the bedroom.

During the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship, everything is fresh and exciting. As time goes on, comfort sets in and things can become a little stale. For couples getting bored in the bedroom, a conversation is a must. Introducing the topic of sex toys is a great way to break the ice and figure out whether or not it’s something that will benefit the relationship. If it’s agreed upon, even researching adult toys can bring a couple closer together.

There are hundreds of different sex toys available on the market, including vibrators, massage wands, rings, clamps, beads, and many others. Researching these toys will provide a better understanding between couples of what their partner likes and/or desires in the bedroom. These toys may be used during foreplay, intercourse, or even during an intimate massage. Not only can adult toys increase stimulation and lead to better orgasms, but they also add fresh excitement. Like sex toys from

However, not all partners have the same interests. If one partner is more adventurous than the other, it might be wise to start with basic toys or even other adult items such as flavored condoms or lubricants. It’s always wise to start slowly with a less adventurous partner when introducing new items into the bedroom.

It should be noted, too, that sex toys don’t require more than one person to be used and enjoyed. If a partner is uncomfortable with using toys, perhaps he or she might find excitement in watching his or partner explore their own body with these items.

Using sex toys can increase the overall pleasure that both partners experience during intimate moments. As long as the relationship maintains a mutual respect for boundaries, adult toys can create an exciting, satisfying experience. A partner who feels judged for his or her sexual preferences might feel dissatisfied in both the bedroom and the relationship. This is precisely why communication is key when it comes to adult sex toys.

Cooking Class Hens Night Melbourne

Taking a Cooking Class For Your Hens Night Melbourne

A new bride may have to master lots of new skills. One such skill is that of cooking for more than one person. Some people have spent a lot of time cooking for others. Others may have spent many single nights alone only cooking for themselves. What could be better for a hens night Melbourne than a cooking class? Learning to master new skills is useful. It’s even more fun when having a hens night Melbourne with friends. Many types of cooking classes are available. Catering places are happy to give classes for groups of people. A
hens night Melbourne may also take place at a local cooking school. Classes are often available at night so that every member of the bridal party and all those who are attending the hens night Melbourne can be with each other and enjoy a meal they’ve cooked together at the same time.Deciding on a ClassLots of types of cooking classes are available for a hens night Melbourne. A person might decide to have one that is about learning about a specific kind of cookery and culture such as Italian or Indian cuisine. It can be a good idea to take inspiration from a bride’s heritage for her cooking class for a hens night Melbourne. Paying homage to her background is an excellent way to make her the center of any Hens Packages Melbourne hens night Melbourne . Another kind of cooking class that might be good for any potential bride is a cooking class that focuses on a specific skill such as learning how to chop up things. Knowing how to use a knife is a useful skill that can be employed for varied types of dishes including soups, an entree and a good dessert. Look for cooking classes that help everyone attending the party feel truly at home.Getting Everyone There

After picking out a destination for the party, it’s a good idea to make sure that everyone knows about the party well in advance. In many cases, classes may be held in an out of the way place. Be on hand to direct to the guests to the right space where they can sit down and start to get comfortable. Everyone should have a station where they can learn to do the task at hand. In many cases, the venue will provide a separate space for everyone attending and even have a list of names assigned to a specific part of the kitchen. It’s a good idea to lead the bride to the center of the class and let her take center stage during the event. Many cooking party venues are quite happy to organize a specific them around her upcoming bridal plans.

Dance Classes For Hens Night Melbourne

Dance Party Classes For Your Hens Night Melbourne

Nearly all weddings have a set list of things that people do during the wedding. A group of flower children will typically proceed down the aisle before the bride begins her walk. The bride and groom will say their vows. After the wedding is done, most couples will head out to a great meal and then some dancing. Dancing is a great way to have fun at a wedding. However, not everyone knows how to dance. Many people have not taken lessons before or have not had the time to practice their dance moves. This is why dance lessons as part of a hens night Melbourne are the perfect thing to do. Such dance lessons let everyone learn to dance before the bride’s big day. She and all members of the hens night Melbourne can take lessons that will teach them exactly how to get out on the dance floor with true finesse.

Types of Dances

Many types of dances are popular during a wedding. Classic dances such as the waltz and fox trot are still in style today. Contemporary styles of dance are also wonderful and commonly used during this time. Each person can learn to dance during a hens night Melbourne. Many people who head out to a hens night Melbourne are pleased to discover just how easy it is to learn how to dance. People don’t need prior experience to master many types of dance moves. They can get out to the class during the hens night Melbourne and get the kind of useful instruction that enables them to feel confident when they are at the wedding. Many types of classes allow people to spend time practicing both alone and with others as part of a team dance that might involve several people at the same time.

Letting People Know

It’s a a really good idea to let people know about your plans for a hens night Melbourne and dance classes well advance. Dancing often is much easier when people have on the right kind of clothing for the party they have in mind. A set of dancing shoes with deep rubber soles for better grip is ideal. People who have a dance class for the hens night Melbourne may also want to bring in their ideal dress. For example, a set of long skirts that move and twirl as they move and twirl is wonderful. When people have enough time to prepare for the class, they will have a lot more fun when they get to take actual dance classes. Dance classes can help them head out to the wedding confident they can go on the dance floor during the party and show off new moves.