you shouldn’t be embarrassed about sex toy 

Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about owning a sex toy

There’s nothing shameful about seeking satisfaction via sensual alleviation. Though the sex toy sphere is sorely misrepresented as a raunchy domain, finding pleasure in adult toys is as healthy as the authentic and pure sexual practice that these devices strive to emulate. Unfortunately, many allow their mortification to deter them from purchasing adult toys. In fact, the thought of setting foot in a sex shop makes some recoil in fear. Fortunately, “pleasure specialists” dedicate their expertise to destigmatizing the harsh and undeserved criticism that adult toy enthusiasts receive. Here are some pearls of wisdom that aficionados of sex toys have for those who are somewhat timid about exploring the vast realm of sexual devices.

  • They allow you to feel more in tune with your body and preferences
  • They’re a stress reliever
  • Adult toys ginger up relationships that may be lacking in the intimacy department
  • They act as a substitute during dry spells
  • Toys can boost your libido
  • They hold the potential to improve your sexual performance

Do your research
Approaching the adult toys aisle in a sex shop can be all but daunting if you’re going in ill-informed. Not only is it necessary to familiarize yourself with the many adult toy options available, but it’s also imperative to weigh your stimulation preferences. Here some questions to noodle over so as not to be overwhelmed by the wide variety of Sex Toys By Joujou that await you.

  • Will you be using this toy with a partner?
  • Would you like a toy with multiple settings?
  • Do you prefer silicone to glass? Latex to jelly?
  • What size range are you thinking?
  • Do you want one that has a long shelf life?
  • Would you like one that vibrates?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Would you like to target a specific erogenous zone?

Proper maintenance and cleaning procedures
Now that you’re well on your way to enjoying the many splendors of adult toys, it’s crucial that you know how to maintain one adequately. Abide by these guidelines if you wish to have a healthy, sanitary, and overall enjoyable sex toy experience. You can find more about Sex Toys at

  • Scrub the toy with unscented soap before and after every use
  • If you’re using a porous adult toy, consider putting a condom over it
  • Store your device in a cloth-like or silk pouch
  • Avoid housing your toy in a bacteria-ridden drawer
  • Use a lint-free towel on sex toys with a tacky exterior

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